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Past Exhibitions

Artists Among Us: Faculty and Friends

Sponsored by The Martin Foundation

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An Adventure in the Arts: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Guild Hall

This exhibition featured 72 works by 61 artist-residents of the Hamptons, including Winslow Homer; Hudson River School painter Thomas Moran in the 1880s; George Bellows in the 1920s; Surrealists following WWII; Abstract Expressionists Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning; Pop artists Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Andy Warhol; Photorealists Audrey Flack and Chuck Close, 80s and 90s Neo-Expressionists Eric Fischl, David Salle, and Julian Schnabel as well as contemporary artists Ross Bleckner, Donald Sultan, and April Gornik.


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Immersive Space

Three Louisiana artists -- Shawn Hall, Lee Deigaard, and Natchitoches-native Colin O’Con -- created entire room installations to explore elements of created space and invite contemplation about our relationship with the natural world. Painting, drawing, and photography installed as part of a larger, sculpture space, create rhythm in an immersive environment where emotional space and physical landscape merge.

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Richard Dempsey Recollections: A Forty Year Retrospective

One of the most prolific African-American artists of the 20th century, this retrospective presents a unique, comprehensive glimpse of the artist’s work over four decades. Nearly 40 artworks encompass the artist’s life repertoire, beginning with early portraits created while attending the California School of Arts & Crafts in the 1930s to experimental figurative works of the 1950s; colorful, playful works inspired by many trips to the Caribbean; and utilitarian, abstract motifs of his later works. 

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"25th September Competition"

25th September Competition is AMoA's Annual National Competition Exhibition

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Luz Maria Lopez: Mayan Creation Stories

Mayan visions of cosmology, creation, ancestry, and history are depicted in scenes from thePopol Vuh, the Sacred Book of the Maya. Explore the roots of the Mayan Prophecy through colorful paintings and drawings. Epic tales of hero twins and fantastical characters such as Grandmother of Light, Heart of Sky, Plumed Serpent, Crow, and Parrot plus a Chorus of animals, mud men, wood men, and human sounds, come alive through the vibrant works of art!

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